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Environmental-related articles, discussing the weather, carbon positivity and other factors, as well as the impact AA Salt has.

Grounds Maintenance

How outdoor maintenance can cause damage to your garden

We all like to stay on top of our outdoor maintenance as often as we can, but how many know the proper practices and how often you should be carrying out these tasks? Did you know that overdoing your grounds maintenance may be doing more harm than good?

In this guide, we’ll talk about common outdoor maintenance mistakes that many people make, as well as the correct procedures you can put in place.

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The importance of outdoor maintenance on employee’s wellbeing

If you’re an employer with large grounds to your work site, then it may slip your mind occasionally to stay on top of the upkeep of the area, especially if you overlook several work locations or move between sites.

We put together this blog to highlight the importance of outdoor maintenance for your employee’s well-being and how properly kept spaces can improve productivity. Keep reading to learn how you could enhance your overall operations by hiring an outside contractor.

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A wind weathervane, representing the direction of the jet stream
Environmental Articles

The Jet Stream: How and Why We Get Cold Weather

This article will help to inform you of what the jet stream is and how it affects our weather, as well as the impact of stratospheric warming. Keep reading to discover what you can expect this coming week and how AA Salt can help.

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