Herefordshire: Weather and Services

Herefordshire is located in the West Midlands, an area with diverse topography and geographical features, with several microclimates within the county. These are all influenced by the local vegetation, elevations of the land and proximity to bodies of water too.

Here, we’ll explain further how these can effect the weather conditions that Herefordshire experiences and what areas experience their own microclimate.

What is a microclimate?

A microclimate is a rather small area with its own localised climate that differs from the rest of the of the surrounding areas, often due to the landmarks in the area.

An example of this is Golden Valley, bordering Herefordshire and Powys in Wales. Due to the area being quite sheltered, it will experience milder temperatures than a lot of Herefordshire. It also is prone to the rain shadow effect, where the Black Mountains to the West with block a lot of the rain and lead to lower levels of precipitation. Similar conditions can be felt by towns near the Malvern Hills.

The River Wye Valley has a significant impact on the surrounding areas also, causing foggy conditions especially towards the Autumn and Winter months.

What weather does Herefordshire typically experience in the Winter months?

The temperature in Herefordshire tends to average around 1-8°C from December to February, however it often has cold spells leading to freezing conditions, with an average of 60-90mm of rain per month. This is especially true for higher land, such as the Malvern Hills.

With precise weather monitoring systems allowing real-time readings, we can determine most accurately when there will be a risk of ice and snow, allowing us to grit your site overnight and cause minimal disruption to your operations.

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