Gloucestershire: Weather and Services

As Gloucestershire is located in the South West of England, its weather is influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, meaning the area experiences a temperate maritime climate. There are, however, several microclimates within the county too, due to its landmarks.

For example, the Cotswolds experience cooler and wetter conditions due to the land being higher elevated and more exposed to the wind.


What is a miroclimate?

A microclimate is an area prone to different weather conditions to its surrounding towns and villages, due to the landmarks within that area. For instance, the Forest of Dean is quite a sheltered spot, so has less harsh winters and more precipitation compared to a lot of the county.

The Severn Estuary also gives a maritime influence on the surrounding towns, such as Lydney, causing milder winters and cooler summers. These areas may also experience more fog as the surface water evaporates from the estuary, into the surrounding air.


What weather does Gloucestershire typically experience in the Winter months?

During the Winter months, Gloucestershire typically sees low temperatures of 1-4°C, reaching 7-10°C average highs. The higher land in the area can expect temperatures slightly lower than this, however, with higher chances of snowfall than the lower elevations also.

November to January sees the highest levels of precipitation, with an average of 800-1200mm annually. The colder temperatures expected over these months, combined with heavy rainfall, can lead to icy conditions across roads and pavements over the county.

It’s important to take precautions across this period, to avoid any accidents across your site when conditions may become hazardous. That’s where we come in! With precise weather monitoring systems allowing real-time readings, we can determine most accurately when there will be a risk of ice and snow, allowing us to grit your site overnight and cause minimal disruption to your operations.

We offer several different packages, with varying service levels from essential access up to complete area coverage. Get in touch today and we can carry out a risk assessment identifying exactly where icy patches are likely to form or potential flood spots. Contact us on 01905 391144 or email today.

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