How outdoor maintenance can cause damage to your garden

We all like to stay on top of our outdoor maintenance as often as we can, but how many know the proper practices and how often you should be carrying out these tasks? Did you know that overdoing your grounds maintenance may be doing more harm than good?

In this guide, we’ll talk about common outdoor maintenance mistakes that many people make, as well as the correct procedures you can put in place.



What counts as Outdoor Maintenance and why is it necessary?

Outdoor maintenance can cover several different activities, from mowing a lawn or clearing vegetation to the full removal of tree stumps and roots.

It’s important to regularly carry out maintenance in order to ensure that your surrounding areas are safe for visitors, by being free of any potential trip hazards and uneven surfaces.

Outdoor maintenance should not only be carried out for a safety purpose though. Having an appealing outdoor space can welcome any visitors to your site, build a good first impression and should both your employees and staff that you care. To learn more about the importance of outdoor maintenance for your employees, read our latest blog.

At AA Grounds Maintenance, we’re able to offer a variety of Outdoor Maintenance services to our customers, whether that is for private property, public recreational areas or commercial grounds. Visit our services page or get in touch to learn more.


What issues can arise from incorrect grounds maintenance?

Carrying out maintenance with the incorrect techniques or during the wrong season can result in permanently damaging the flora in your outdoor space. For example, cutting a tree too close to the trunk could lead to serious damage that it may not be able to recover from, stunting its growth. Similar can happen with lawns or soil if overworked, resulting in it decreased fertility and colour.

Like most things, giving too much attention to your garden can result in it becoming overworked and not having space to grow. To ensure your greenery stays flourishing, be sure to consult a professional who can help you figure out the perfect routine catered to your own space.

Our employees are experts who can put an adaptive and flexible plan in place to suit your needs. We aim to deliver a high-quality service at a time that suits you, putting pre-planned visits in place on a monthly or weekly schedule. Get in touch to discuss your needs with us today.

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