The importance of outdoor maintenance on employee’s wellbeing

If you’re an employer with large grounds to your work site, then it may slip your mind occasionally to stay on top of the upkeep of the area, especially if you overlook several work locations or move between sites.

We put together this blog to highlight the importance of outdoor maintenance for your employee’s well-being and how properly kept spaces can improve productivity. Keep reading to learn how you could enhance your overall operations by hiring an outside contractor.

Why should you invest in outdoor maintenance for your workspaces?

Have you ever visited another company’s site for a meeting and been welcomed by concrete surrounding the property, with little colour shining through? As an external visitor, this must feel a little intimidating and uninviting, so imagine how your workers would feel arriving at this sort of site every week. Even worse, picture an overgrown and undermanaged outdoor space, full of vegetation which has had little care- do you think this would make your employees feel that they would receive the same amount of attention?

Instead of these dreary and unappealing images, your outdoor spaces should inspire creativity and give a great first impression to any visitors who arrive at your business.

How does outdoor maintenance benefit my employees?

Having a well-kept space separate from an employee’s desk or other work area provides a space to de-stress and unwind from daily duties. Here, everyone in your company will be able to take a breath of fresh air and relax, therefore reducing pressure on staff and reducing days off from unnecessary built-up strain that becomes a burden on the company.

If you build a beautiful and clean outdoor space, it will also help you keep enthusiasm among staff, as they’re no longer staring at blank walls in their space every day. Improving everyone’s happiness will therefore boost the company culture too and hopefully reduce employee turnover as well.

How can outdoor maintenance improve sustainability?

Many building proposals in urban areas now include green spaces to contribute towards a city’s environment and sustainability. These proposals aim to impact the lifestyle of urban workers, but also the area.

Building more green spaces help the environment in many ways, reducing heat island effects (where concrete will absorb and retain the heat), protecting biodiversity by providing wildlife habitats and providing fresh air.

What outdoor maintenance can AA Salt offer us?

At AA Salt, we can provide a range of services for company outdoor spaces. Our work is always carried out in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way, using tools and equipment that minimise carbon footprint.

We can offer:

  • Mowing, trimming and strimming
  • Site clearance of overgrown vegeation
  • Digger works
  • Targeted field or weed spraying
  • Paddock mowing and spraying

… and more, depending on your needs. Ask for the service you require, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

With each client, we will work to your schedule and offer pre-planned visits on a weekly or monthly basis that causes no stress to you. Get in touch today to enquire, or request a quote directly.

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