Worcestershire: Weather and Services

Worcestershire is a county located in West Midlands, but despite being quite centrally positioned, also has several microclimates in different parts of the region. Due to these microclimates, the weather in smaller towns and villages can be harder to predict and may be prone to more extreme conditions than you’d expect.

One example of this is the sudden cold snap of February 2019, leading to heavy snowfall and icy conditions across the county. These events often cause disruption to travel and business, which is where we step in.

By having a contingency plan in place, you can leave your worries and rest easy knowing that we will be on hand to look after your site if there ever is a sudden weather event. Contact us to find out more about our options available.

What is a microclimate?

A microclimate is a rather small area with its own localised climate that differs from the rest of the of the surrounding areas, often due to the landmarks in the area.

For example, due to Malvern being at a higher elevation than the surrounding towns, they will often experience cooler temperatures and heavier precipitation, as there is little shelter from the elements. Towns located in valleys therefore expect to be slightly warmer, as surrounding hills block the wind, however, those situated along the River Severn may also experience their own microclimate, due to the moderating effect of the water.

Another reason for microclimates is how urbanised or green the area is. For instance, if a town has little green space left then they may experience something known as ‘urban heat island effect’, where the material absorbs and retains the heat. Alternatively, those with plenty of surrounding trees and forest areas will experience cooler temperatures, as these will retain moisture and provide shade. This applies to Evesham, which experiences slightly cooler temperatures due to a vast fruit and vegetable production.

What weather does Worcestershire typically experience in the Winter months?

From December to February, it’s very common for Worcestershire to experience temperatures around 1-8°C, with 50-60mm of rainfall per month. With temperatures often falling below 0°C, it is not surprising to see lots of icy roads and conditions during these months.

With advanced weather monitoring and site audits carried out, we’ll be able to action gritting or snow clearance for your site in plenty of time to cause minimal disruption to your day. Visit our Winter Maintenance pages to explore our plans or contact us directly.

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