Our Business Is Spreading! Expanding Into Grounds Maintenance

Our Business Is Spreading! Expanding Into Grounds Maintenance

With the Winter period coming to an end, AA Salt will be moving into our Grounds Maintenance services for the following months.

Maintaining our integral values and carbon-neutral business model, our team can now offer grounds maintenance services that help minimise your environmental impact at the same time. Offering services for public green spaces and private land alike, we are confident in our ability to make your environment look pristine and well-kept.

Keep reading for the services we will be offering and why AA Salt should be your go-to company.

Why use AA Salt?

AA Salt is a reliable and trusted company that has been successfully running for over 20 years. The environmental impact is always a large focus of our business and something that we pride ourselves on. As of last year, we achieved our target to make the company carbon-neutral and are also waster transfer licensed and Safe Contractor approved. All our staff members have also carried out important safety training and are DBS checked too.

Want to learn more about our company? Read our ‘About Us’ page or check out our Missions and Values.

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Grounds Maintenance Services

What services do we offer?

Our team can tidy and maintain a range of spaces at varying levels, whether you require grass mowing on a large scale, or full site cleaning for overgrown vegetation. Below are the services we can provide:

  • Mowing, trimming and strimming
  • Clearing vegetation
  • Targeted field or weed spraying
  • Paddock spraying and mowing

Interested in something not mentioned on this list? Enquire with the team and we will respond to you shortly, to let you know if this is within our capabilities.


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Clearing Vegetation

What is included with the service?

We can offer pre-planned visits to all our clients on a weekly or monthly schedule, so you will know when to expect a visit in advance and what we will be carrying out before arrival. With each visit, we will include a job report covering the services carried out and DD payment options for ease.

All our visits are no mess and no stress to you! We will clean and remove all waste materials from the property and dispose of them in an environmentally appropriate method.

For more information, visit our grounds maintenance page, or request a quote.

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